Building Trust


1. SafeHouse Workshop – To bring together high-level representatives from stakeholders in the three areas for training workshops on issues of safety of  online in precision agriculture, security of IoT system and digital ID systems affecting household. A Stakeholders Consultation was held at Huawei HQ, Nairobi, Kenya with several stakeholders on 30th Jan 2020 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a workshop will be held via video conference.

2. Train farmers, extension workers, children, parents, teachers and other stakeholders on improving safety online, security of IoT connected devices and digital identity systems relating to rural households. (such as Training of youth at PillarTV in Kerugoya, Kenya) and Training Stakeholders on Child Online Protection in partnership with AFRALTI.

3. Identify and map initiatives in Kenya and Africa addressing safety online for users such as children and farmers, security of IoT system and protection in digital ID systems. Register your initiative here

4. Identify the capacity and awareness gaps amongst stakeholders in areas of safety of children online, security of IoT system and digital ID systems. The gaps were identified through focus group of stakeholders and via desk study of other initiatives.

5. Nurture collaboration between the Chapter, research institutions, schools and other stakeholders in the area of internet technologies and online safety. Stakeholders have met and working together on implementing SafeHouse Goals and SafeHouse Africa partnered with other stakeholders for the Safer Internet Day 2020 celebrations and exhibition. Further, some of the ongoing partnership discussions include the Associations of schools and training centres.

6. Implement a demonstration of a secure IoT system to promote understanding of the OTA IoT Trust Framework and related guidelines via the MajiDrop app as well as on the KALRO/Huawei IoT Cows Collar Solution.

7. Continually disseminate reports and lessons learnt from the SafeHouse Africa initiative through this online portal , new and traditional media outlets (PillarTV, CIO Magazine, ELIMU TV and KBC’s TakeOnTech) – Social media Channels (our Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram channels)