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Cyber Security Awareness Training – May 2020

At SafeHouse, we shall be offering Training via Webinar in May 2020 to help your teams mitigate cybersecurity risks, especially those involving human error. We shall train you on how to improve cybersecurity hygiene of your end-users. Our solution, which combines simulated phishing attacks with set-and-go training modules, can help improve awareness, alter user behavior and reduce the risk associated with social engineering attacks.

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Your teams will take tests and learn how to remain safe online and avoid attacks such as Phishing that may come via email, SMS, video, voice call and USB channels.

Protect your workforce

  • Make sure there is a system in place to report attacks, and make sure all of your employees understand how important it is to follow through in reporting it.
  • Train your employees to get in touch with the IT department if they come across a case like this so that IT can take appropriate action.
  • While structured annual or semi-annual training is recommended, employees should also receive on-the-fly training when an attack occurs.
  • If any employee, regardless of ranking and designation, clicks on a phishing link, they should receive immediate feedback and additional training.
  • Review the email with them, show them the red flags and indicators they missed, and provide additional training materials to help them avoid being phished in the future.

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