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KALRO’s review of IoT for Agriculture

During the SafeHouse Stakeholders Consultation, Dr. Moses Olum presented on KALRO’s project to test and licence an IoT for Agriculture Project from Huawei that uses IoT collars on Cows to monitor activity such as when a cow is on heat.

Dr. Olum is a veterinarian and had sought support from SafeHouse Africa on how to address IoT security concerns. He explained how the devices are programmed and a baseline data determined so as to monitor increased or decreased activity in cattle. There are other data uses for the solution once the database is opened up for review by KALRO and partners such as within SafeHouse Africa.

Dr Moses Olum speaks at the SafeHouse Africa Stakeholders Consultation on 30th January 2020

Attempts have been made by SafeHouse to audit the Aotoso IoT collars to determine compliance with OTA IoT Security Framework.

Details shall be provided after a complete IoT Security audit of the devices and solution as a whole.

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